Want Starbucks To Make Your Latte Before You Enter The Store? There Will Be An App For That

Starbucks will soon offer preorders via their mobile app, eliminating the need for waiting in lines, human interaction, etc.

Imagine walking into Starbucks, breezing past the line, and picking up your soy latte and bagel with cream cheese, waiting for you at the counter. Starbucks will be offering that possibility soon, according to Quartz. The world’s biggest café chain will soon allow pre-ordering through their smart phone app.

Millions of customers already pay for their coffee using a Starbucks card, which links to the Starbucks app. For that reason, pre-ordering will be an incremental step for Starbucks, which already has much of the infrastructure in place to do this. The Starbucks app is already installed on millions of phones, and it will happily inform its users with a pop-up message that they can order their coffee as they leave the house.

Still, plenty of questions arise here: will Starbucks waste a lot of coffee that’s been waiting for its buyer too long to be appetizing? Will the long morning lines simply shift to a large crowd by the beverage counter? And do we care about the lost banter with the cashier? Or the automation of more jobs? Will this become standard for restaurants and cafes? Maybe grocery stores? Lastly, will muffin sales plummet because they are largely an impulse purchase?

We shall know as soon as your phone buzzes you with an exciting announcement from the world’s biggest coffee producers.

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