Was Sandra Bland Already Dead In Her Mugshot?

A new theory has emerged surrounding Sandra Bland's death: was she really alive in her mugshot or are the police hiding something?


Waller County Texas officials released a new video on Tuesday showing Sanrda Bland alive during her jail intake, in an attempt to dispel rumors that she was dead when her mugshot was taken. 

The conspiracy theory that Bland was dead in her mugshot has sparked death threats against county officials. 

Murky details remain endless in the mysterious case of Sandra Bland’s death — deemed a suicide by authorities, but family and activists contest that claim. Her mental state has been repeatedly questioned as inconsistencies from her jail intake forms can’t quite pin whether she was suicidal or not. In a voicemail to a friend she said she was “at a loss for words, honestly, about this whole process. How did switching lanes with no signal turn into all of this?"

As new questions unfold without answer each day, a new speculation has emerged: was Bland already dead when her mugshot was taken?

Twitter has erupted with this conspiracy theory citing suspicious details in the photo.

Users note the mugshot’s background is the same color as the cell floor, that her hair is falling back and the angle of the photograph all point to the possibility she was already dead when the shot was snapped. 

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