Teen Miraculously Found Alive Two Days After Her Plane Crashed

“To have a survivor come through this is... it's just a miracle,” a rescuer says.

Autumn Veatch

A teen's harrowing ordeal after a plane crash has rescuers hailing her as a "miracle."

16-year-old Autumn Veatch was flying with her grandparents when their plane went missing. On Monday, however, the young girl was found by a driver in the northern Washington state wandering in the woods.

According to KOMO News, she had been finding her way out for two days until she was found. She was then taken to the nearest store where the driver called 911 for help.

Serena Lockwood, manager of the store, told the Associated Press that the girl “was obviously pretty traumatized.”

Veatch’s plane took off from Kalispell, Montana, on Saturday and was supposed to arrive in Lynden, Washington, the same day after a three-hour flight. After the aircraft lost radar contact, search teams were formed.

The teen reportedly stayed at the crash site for some time but later chose to hike downward, which eventually led her to Highway 20.

“The report that we're getting from the survivor was that at some point during the flight the clouds came in and the pilot lost visual contact with the terrain and the aircraft collided with the mountain,” Lt. Col. Jeffrey Lustick, of the Civil Air Patrol, said. “To have a survivor come through this is... it's just a miracle.” 

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Veatch was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries while authorities continued to search for her grandparents and the plane's wreckage.

The Civil Air Patrol, meanwhile, continued to search at the crash site, using cell phone data to determine the planes’ last recorded location. The fate of Veatch’s grandparents remains unknown.