Watch: Dramatic Reenactment Of Jimmy Kimmel’s Black Eye (Video)

So who appeared on Monday on our television sets with a black eye and bandage? No one else but our entertaining late night host Jimmy Kimmel, and he obviously had to explain what exactly happened. And he chose to tell us the entire story in an amusing reenactment.

Kimmel began by saying: 'You probably noticed that my normally perfect face has been damaged.'

Then he added: 'I want to apologize to those of you who came specifically to see it (my face) but on Saturday my fiancée and I went to lunch... I actually put together a little reenactment of this, so I'll show you what happened.'

While narrating he said: 'We went to lunch and we were supposed to pick something up and we decided sit down at a restaurant.' And then he continued to tell us the entire story with his dramatic recreation of the events that took place.

Towards the end of it he also managed to crack a Paula Deen joke by saying, “And my eye keeps on getting blacker. My eye is so black right now Paula Deen apologized to it.”

Check out Kimmel’s hilarious reenactment in the video above and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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