Watch The Eerie Moment Hundreds Of Birds Filled The Sky As Nepal Earthquake Hit

Straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock film. A Turkish couple captured the terrifying moment the 7.8 magnitude earthquake ruptured Kathmandu’s Durbar Square on video.

Sibel and Dinçer Yazici were on the fifth floor of a roof terrace café filming the UNESCO World Heritage Site when the earthquake hit. The footage shows bottles rolling onto the floor and hundreds of birds flying away from the crumbling buildings as dust rises up into the air.

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The couple is known to be safe and have returned to Turkey. Others have not been so fortunate to flee the capital in the wake of aftershocks and possible food and water shortages. Officials have announced today that the death toll has topped 4,000. Nepalese citizens and tourists are desperately trying to escape the ravaged country, but many are stuck at Kathmandu airport where long lines continue to form.

In an interview with ABC News, New Yorker Alex Diaz described the situation as a “complete madhouse.”

"We are just exhausted and resigned," he said. "Some people have been in this terminal for days. Basically you’re living landing to landing. If your plane can land and only then you can get out, but you don’t know which ones will land."

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