Russian TV Presenter Says The Weather Is "Excellent" For Bombing Syria

State-owned Rossiya 24 delivers one of the most insensitive, outrageous weather forecasts as Russian military jets carry out bombing raids in Syria.

Even the weather reports in Russia are endorsing the Kremlin’s military intervention in Syria.

“Russian aerospace forces are continuing their operation in Syria. Experts say the timing for it was chosen very well in terms of weather,” a forecaster said in a segment aired on Rossiya 24 while standing in front of a screen showing an image of a bomber with the words “flying weather.”

The reporter noted sandstorms could threaten the Russian air campaign but since they rarely happen in October, it’s an “advantageous” month for aerial attacks.

“Experts note the time for the start of the air operation (in Syria) is chosen very well,” she added.

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The report came days after Russia started sending military equipment and personnel into Syria, prompting international concern.

While Kremlin insists Russian airstrikes are directed against the Islamic State terrorist group, many of them have reportedly bombed areas held by rebels fighting against the regime of Moscow’s ally, Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president.

Before running such a bizarre report, perhaps Rossiya 24 should look at the civilian death toll caused by Russian airstrikes.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a U.K.-based monitoring group, at least 39 civilians and 14 fighters were killed in just four days of Russian raids. There's no clearer indication that it's never ideal weather to bomb innocent people.

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