Whales Beachedin UK and US at the Same Time! (Video)

Dozens of pilot whales beach themselves along the coasts in the UK and the US leaving scientists and conservationists puzzled yet again over the behavior of whales - as two different pods of pilot whales beaching themselves this weekend on either side of the Atlantic.

A pod of 26 pilot whales stranded themselves off the coast of Fife in Scotland.

Crowds of on-lookers gathered to watch the massive rescue and relief operation as rescue teams used wet blankets, sheets and even garden gazebos to give them shade and keep them cool. But the efforts were not enough for most of the whales, including three young pups, which died before the high tide returned. 13 of them did not make it.

And in a strange coincidence... another pod of whales beached themselves along the coast of south-central Florida in the U.S.This time, 22 pilot whales stranded themselves near Fort Pierce. Authorities say this particular specie of whale – although highly intelligent – often beach themselves due to a parasite that affects the mammals' brains.

Only five whales survived.US veterinarians have been feeding fish drinks to five beached pilot whales and are keeping a close eye on them, trying to nurse the mammals back to health.

Several organizations were working together to care for the whales. About 10 people monitored them around the clock and one person was assigned to each whale to watch it constantly.

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