What Caused Nearly 40 Kids To Collapse During A School Assembly?

A mysterious mass fainting spell at a school in Yorkshire leaves emergency personnel stumped as to what caused the terrifying scene.

Looks like there might be a rise in the sale of medical barrier masks in Yorkshire this week!

In a frightening scene on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 11 nearly 40 children collapsed at school during a Remembrance Day assembly in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Students of Outwood Academy simultaneously fell faint and emergency services rushed to the scene to treat them, with two of the students being hospitalized.

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“When the first boy was sick, we thought it was a one-off but then there was a big slap on the floor and someone had fainted,” a student who witnessed the incident reportedly said.

“After that it was a bit of a domino effect, another three or four collapsed and then people started leaving the hall to get fresh air. One of the boys who fell was a bit concussed and had a big lump on his head. After that they ushered us out quickly and a couple of girls had panic attacks.”

The cause of the sudden sickness hasn’t been determined but police reportedly said they’re working with fire and ambulance services to figure out what happened.

So far, it is believed that after the first couple of students collapsed it caused a “ripple effect” of hysteria-based nausea and faintness, according to The Guardian.

It’s also been suggested that the students could have been overheated in the warm assembly hall. There was another rumor floating around on a Facebook forum for parents of a supposed gas leak.

There's so much speculation surrounding the incident, but no definitive answers.

Despite all the hearsay, fire specialists have said they didn’t find any hazardous substances at the school. (Hmm ... that still leaves us wondering.)

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“I would like to assure you; we have carried out a very thorough assessment and found no hazardous materials or anything untoward in the school environment,” Dave Winspear of North Yorkshire fire service reportedly said.

How terrifying is that? Maybe the mass fainting spell was due to hysteria, but that doesn’t explain why the first few kids passed out in the first place.

I think if I was a parent of a student at that school, I wouldn’t be sending my kid back until I know what kind of plague is floating around in the atmosphere. 

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