What Did George Bush Mean When He Called Hillary Clinton His "Sister-In-Law"

Bush has joked that Bill Clinton is his "brother from another mother", making Hillary his "sister-in-law".

Former prez George W. Bush considers Bill Clinton his “brother from another mother”.  So what does that make HillaryClinton?

My sister-in-law,” Mr. Bush told CNN in an interview this weekend. 

Could his brother Jeb, the former Florida governor, run for president against Mrs. Clinton?

Yeah — and I think he’d beat her,” Mr. Bush said.

Bush said his brother is not “rushing” in to running for the presidency.  I have no clue where his head is now,” he said. “By the way, people say, ‘convince your brother to run.’ You can’t convince him to run. Only he can make the decision, and pushing him doesn’t help, by the way.”

Come on! There was no discussion about running for president at Thanksgiving table? We're not buying it! 


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