What This Man Does After A Baghdad Car Bomb Explosion Is Extraordinary

Music can be heard louder than car bombs -- at least for Karim Wasfi.

Karim Wasfi

Surrounded by debris and rubble, Karim Wasfi played his cello for Al Mansour, Baghdad in response to a series of car bombings. 

The vehicle explosion had occurred just before midnight killing five people and injuring 15. The total death count for the series of attacks so far is 20 civilians since Monday. 

Wasfi told Iraqi media channel Soutana:


“It’s my way of expressing my feelings . . We just want to live a decent and safe life like people in Europe and America. Bombing is not a solution for our problems.”


Wasfi was the Chief Principal Conductor and Director for the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra from 2007 to 2012 and was interviewed last year by NPR. In 2013, he did a TEDxBaghdad Talks about his Peace Through Arts Initiative where youth learn applying music and peace in their community.

 Karim Wasfi

Wasfi's performance inspired other musicians to perform and facilitated a sense of community that took to Twitter. Footage of Wasfi's performance can be found here.


Iraqi Cellist Played at the Site of a Car Bombing to Fight Back


Iraqi cellist Karim Wasfi plays music at Baghdad


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