Where’s Stephen Glass?

What is Stephen Glass up to these days? Glass gained notoriety after he was caught plagiarizing articles during his stint at The New Republic (ironically in the position of head of fact checking department).

Stephen Glass

At the magazine, Glass was a young, baby-faced and fast rising journalist who wrote numerous leading stories, and wowed his editors and colleagues. After his demise, his story was made into a hit movie (“Shattered Glass”), Glass was interviewed on “60 Minutes,” and he wrote a book entitled “The Fabulist (he fictionalized his own story).”

In the latest issue of The New Republic Hanna Rosin goes hunting for Glass, her ex-colleague.

So what does Rosin dig up?

Glass is now living on Venice Beach in Southern California with his longtime girlfriend Julia Hilden, and an entourage of pets including a round robin of foster pets. They are both vegans. He hasn’t been able to make it past the bar (his application for “moral character determination” with the California state bar was unsuccessful), and he is now special projects director at Carpenter, Zuckerman, Rowley, a Beverly Hill-based personal-injury law firm.

And based on Rosin’s reunion with Glass over a latte in California, there doesn’t appear to be any plans or interest in returning to the newsroom.

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