When Did Rupert Murdoch Become An Expert On Being Black?

Rupert Murdoch insulted President Obama by tweeting that Ben Carson would be a 'real' black president, but he offended many more than just the POTUS.

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch outwardly expressed his support of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Twitter and tried to take a jab at President Barack Obama in the process, but his unsubtle dig confused and offended nearly the entire Twitterverse. 

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In the midst of praising Carson, Murdoch wrote, “What about a real black President who can properly address the racial divide? And much else.”


Murdoch followed up by citing a New York magazine article— which he didn’t provide a link to — which talks about minority community disappointment with President Obama.

With all due respect Mr. Murdoch, but what do you actually know about what minorities find disappointing? 

What Murdoch should know is that he ranks very low on the list of public figures that minorities would want speaking on their behalf. 

Of course, once the Twittersphere got a hold of his tweet, all hell broke loose.The post garnered both support and backlash with minorities and others refuting his remarks.

Who is really surprised that the man behind the ever-so-biased Fox News Channel would be so bold and arrogant to think that he has any say in what makes a “real” black person, president, or leader?

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After receiving a beating from Twitter, Murdoch tried to calm the storm by apologizing for being offensive and claiming he finds both Obama and Carson, “charming.” But, we all know his apology was insincere and we also know that he was aware of exactly the kind of trouble he would stir up by posting that tweet in the first place.

Two things that public figures seem to not understand about social media are:

A)You should never post anything that you will undoubtedly end up apologizing for  

B) Once something is on the Internet, it STAYS on the internet.

Apology or not, the initial tweet is going to continue floating around and pissing people off. 

Murdoch and Fox News are the forces behind the “birthers” who have been questioning Obama’s identity and place of birth since he stepped into the oval office, but Murdoch overstepped greater boundaries by thinking he could speak for what minorities feel and by making an underlying implication that being biracial also somehow makes Obama “less black” than Ben Carson.  

His jab wasn’t just a direct insult to Obama, but to all those who are identified as minorities in this country.

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