When This Mosque Was Attacked Neighbors Raised Over $100k To Repair It

With all of the hate and exclusion and fear that has been circulating recently, this story of people from all manner of religions coming together to do good is just the what we need.

On November 14, a fire was discovered at the only mosque in Peterborough, ON, CA. 

The fire was officially ruled as arson and classified as a hate crime by Peterborough authorities. The damage to the building was severe and the estimates for the repairs came in at over $80,000. 


Stories like this are, unfortunately,  becoming more and more common as Islamophobic attitudes are created and stoked by politicians and ill-informed public figures. 

What makes this story unique, however, is the way that the Peterborough community responded to the needs of the Muslims in their community. 

Just a few days after the attack a campaign had been established on Fundrazr.com by Peterborough Duane Rousselle. 

Duane Rousselle

This particular campaign was created by Peterborough resident Duane Rousselle. Rousselle himself is not a Muslim, but he believes that it is the duty of a community to support its own no matter what faith they hold or what customs they observe. 

"On November 14th (2015), a suspicious fire was discovered inside of Peterborough's only Mosque. Damages are estimated to exceed $80K. We encourage members of the community, of all or no faiths, to help the Muslim community restore their place of worship," Rousselle wrote on his Funrdrazr page. 

The Peterborough community clearly agrees with Roussell's neighborly philosophy.

Just 22 hours after the campaign was launched the campaign had already met it's initial goal. In response to this overwhelming display, Rousselle raised his asking amount.

At the time of the campaign's closing the Peterborough community had raised over $110,000 for repairs to the Mosque. 

In an update on the Fundrazr page, Rousselle lauded his city's ability to come together and support their own: 

"We consider the campaign a tremendous success. Members of the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association have thanked us very much for our efforts… There are no words to describe how amazing our community has represented itself as a giving, loving, peaceful and supportive community." 

Hate and fear cannot and will not overcome love and compassion. One hopes that the example of these kind Canadians will be able to spread to the country that shares their souther border. 

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Banner Image: Peterborough Mosque Community Development on Facebook. 

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