These Are The 10 Most Likely Countries Where Ebola Will Go Next

With three infections, Ebola travels outside of West Africa.

Here's a map of current Ebola breakouts. But where will Ebola pop up next? 

After cases in the U.S. and Spain, fear of Ebola has rapidly spilled out of West Africa into Europe, North America, and Asia. 

For the first time, patients have been diagnosed with the disease outside of West Africa. 

Officials feel confident that precautions and processes are in place to stop an outbreak in America but panic is starting to set in, especially around air travel. 

"Germs have always traveled. The problem now is they can travel with the speed of a jet plane," Howard Markel, a professor of the history of medicine at the University of Michigan, told The New York Times.

Researchers at the Laboratory for the Modeling of Biological and Socio-Technical Systems at Northeastern University in Boston calculated which countries are most at risk for imported cases of Ebola by the end of October. Along with other factors such as the incubation period of the disease, their findings were based on the the frequency of air traffic from Africa to countries around the world.

This chart shows the top 10 locations where Ebola might pop up next. Adjust your travel plans if you want to see the Eiffel Tower! 

The United States, Senegal and Nigeria are highlighted as they already have reported cases. 

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