A White, American Muslim Mother Sends Out Powerful Message

“My people are turning against *my* people”, says a white, American Muslim mom in a moving post that that has taken the Internet by storm.

American Muslim Mother, Kate Downing Khaled

Kate Downing Khaled, 33, a white, American-Muslim woman embraced both parts of her identity through a heartwarming message on Facebook.

Due to the surging anti-Islamic sentiment in the West, the mother of three decided to speak out against the harsh realities that Muslims are facing in the U.S.

Kate Downing Khaled Facebook Post

Within a week, Khaled’s emotional post went viral, gaining her thousands of followers and an outpouring of support from both the Muslims and non-Muslim communities.

Kate Downing Khaled Facebook Post

In her post, Khaled explained how has concerns for her husband Taquee, an American of Bangladeshi descent and her children who can become targets over their religious background.

“I so desperately want them to grow up feeling affirmed, legitimized and whole,” she states in her Facebook post.

Kate Downing Khaled

Like Khaled, Dr. Susan Carland from Australia is a white, Muslim scholar who also felt anxious about her two identities. She became a victim of cyber bullying when she was bombarded with Islamophobic, hate messages on Twitter. However, she turned those tweets into a “force for good” by donating $1 to UNICEF for every hate filled tweet she encountered on her profile.

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