White House Approves Louisiana Berm Plan: Jindal

"U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen told BP to pay for the five berms approved by the White House, in addition to one he and the Army Corps of Engineers approved last week. The British energy company later said it supported the six projects and would pay the estimated $360 million cost to build them. The decision marked a victory for Jindal, a rising Republican star who has lobbied for weeks to win support for the plan even as he steadfastly criticized BP and the Obama administration for what he has called a sluggish response to the oil spill. The growing petroleum slick has damaged more than 140 miles of Louisiana's fragile coastline and largely shut down its seafood industry, idling thousands of fishermen. Meanwhile, the BP offshore oil rig blowout and ensuing oil slick have posed a key test of the Obama administration's ability to handle a rapidly unfolding crisis."