The White House Is Having Some Trouble Spelling This Month

Don't feel bad, White House staff. Everyone gets this word wrong sometimes. Maybe just not so often.

While the Obama administration is fighting wars and other, you know, important things, reports are in that the White House is failing at a very basic task: spelling February.

No, really, they have a really hard time and someone managed to catch them making this glorious typo on multiple important documents.


This marvelous discovery was uncovered by The Washington Post.

And it’s not that we can’t sympathize, because February is a really difficult word to spell. Sometimes it’s even difficult to say.

Regardless, it’s the White House and they probably have way more important things to think of than minor typos. All can be forgiven so long as there’s no spelling bee involved.

Thank goodness the month is almost over because this has proven to be an ardent task for White House staff. Besides that, they can always count on Obama to make sure America looks super cool.

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