White House Doubles Down On Star Wars - Star Trek Gaffe

Earlier in the day, Obama received endless nerd mockery on the internet for conflating Star Wars and Star Trek with the phrase "Jedi mind meld." So, they went further with the whole sci-fi thing.

Earlier in the day, President Obama conflated Star Wars and Star Trek when a reporter asked him why he can't make something happen to ward off the sequester and he said he can't pull some "Jedi mind meld" on Congressional Republicans. As explained here, you can have a Jedi mind trick (Star Wars) or a Vulcan mind meld (Star Trek), but not a Jedi mind meld.

So, the White House got in on the fun and ran tweeted out this picture:

This time they even got the fonts right: Star Wars font and reference on top, Star Trek font and reference on the bottom.  And they even set up wh.gov/jedimindmeld to redirect to their sequester page. AND they even used a picture that kind of looks like Obama is using the force. Well played, White House, well played.

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