Jumpers Will Be Shish Kabobs If They Take On The New White House Fence

Following several security breaches, the White House finally enhances its security with spiked fences.

The White House is adding new "pencil point" spikes to the top of the security fence in a short-term bid to thwart intrusions at the U.S. executive mansion.

The sharp metal points are bolted to the top of the fence.

"I think it's great. We have to protect the president of the United States; it's just a shame that we have to go that extreme," says a tourist.

Authorities say the spikes are only a short-term bid to thwart White House intruders, and that a longer-term solution is in the works.

The spikes were sparked by an incident last September when an Iraq war veteran carrying a knife managed not only to scale the fence, but to enter the White House.

It was one of several embarrassing breaches for the Secret Service, in charge of the president's security, and helped lead to the resignation of the agency's director.

Now all the president's protectors promise an entirely new fence design will go in 2016.

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