People Want White House To Stop Tweeting After This Iran Deal Meme

The White House tried to tap a younger generation of supporters for the Iran nuclear deal on Twitter. But a recent tweet backfired.

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found the American public is evenly divided over an agreement aimed at preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

It was called “a step backwards” for the government since the same survey in June saw about the same level of support for the deal, but fewer people opposed it.

And it looks like it could get worse in the upcoming weeks after the White House tweeted this over-the-top meme on the Iran Deal’s official Twitter account (yes, it exists).

@TheIranDeal, tweeted at BuzzFeed's account and re-edited the "Straight Outta Compton" movie logo to declare that Iran would be "straight outta uranium" under the proposed plan. (It was a White House reply to a BuzzFeed story about how popular the "Straight Outta Compton" meme had become.)

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After more than 10 years of negotiations, Iran and six major world powers reached a landmark nuclear deal that could transform the politics of the Middle East last month.

The agreement could potentially lift the crippling sanctions imposed by the United States, European Union and United Nations on Iran and reduce the diplomatic isolation of the Islamic republic.

But White House is doing a pretty bad job as far as convincing Americans is concerned.

White House officials claim it was an attempt at trying to sell the deal to a younger generation of supporters. In a statement to Buzzfeed, an official said, “To the extent this tweet reaches audiences that our more traditional tweets have not, it will have accomplished the intended objective, especially if it spurs them to learn more about the deal.”

But it has backfired:

Perhaps, the account should just stick to posting links of news articles. At least for now. 

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