White Man Physically Assaults 7 Cops And Still Doesn't Get Shot

Joseph Parker lives to see his day in court after injuring seven officers during a traffic stop, unlike the many non-threatening Black lives continuously taken by police.

Joseph Parker, a 34-year-old White male allegedly physically injured seven police officers and threatened to kill them, but guess what…nobody shot him!

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Parker was pulled over for speeding and after an officer told him to slow down, he reportedly became enraged and got out of his car waving his arms and claiming he was videotaping the officers.

Joseph Parker, protests in Ferguson

He also allegedly made references to the protests in Ferguson commemorating the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. He then punched one of the cops who hit his head on the pavement and was knocked unconscious.

How did he get this far without being tased?  

Parker reportedly fought back as the other officers tried to restrain him. Once he was put into the police car, he removed his shoes and tried to use them to break the windows of the vehicle.

The officers said they fired a Taser at him five times which was ineffective.

Oh…they finally decided to use the Taser, and out of all five times no one accidentally mistook the Taser for a gun as the officer responsible for the Oscar Grant shooting claimed he somehow managed to do.

Parker continued being violent toward officers at the police station, sending one to the hospital after severely injuring his leg.

It is believed that Parker was under the influence of drugs, but his lawyer is saying it was a “bad reaction” to medication.

Perhaps Parker knew exactly what he was doing and was acting out to prove a point about how Blacks and Whites are treated differently by law enforcement. He did, after all, reference Ferguson and Michael Brown. Maybe this was his radical way of exposing his own White privilege.  

Parker is pleading not guilty to the charges against him including several counts of assault and battery on an officer. He actually gets to see his day in court, what a concept!

Meanwhile…in Black America…you can be killed in cold blood for “resisting” or being “uncooperative” and it’s not limited to any age group either.


Even the Black youth is being threatened as was the case with Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and the infamous Texas pool party raid – but this middle aged White male physically assaults and injures not one, not two, but seven police officers and only gets a couple gashes on his face.

Please America, continue trying to convince people of color that racism is not an issue and that police kill unarmed, non-threatening Black people in “fear” for their own lives.

This White man said out loud that he wanted to kill police, but none of the seven cops were afraid enough to shoot him, right? 

Not to imply that Parker should have been killed or shot —by no means would I suggest or encourage that — however, the way that law enforcement handled this situation in juxtaposition with the recent killings of Blacks at the hands of police officers and White vigilantes validates the very argument that the #BlackLivesMatter movement presents.

And no matter how you spin it, race is a factor in the way these police brutality cases play out. 

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