White People Give 'Tips' To Blacks On How Not To Get Assaulted By Cops

After the #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh video went viral yesterday, several overzealous white people took to Twitter to offer lessons on how to behave and respect authority.

Yesterday the footage “seen ‘round the world” was a video inside a high school classroom where a teen black girl was body slammed to the ground – still in her desk – by a police officer.

Naturally, the video sparked OUTRAGE, not just outrage … an uproar, no … pandemonium!

People from all walks of life including celebrities, activists, black, white and brown expressed shock and disgust seeing a grown male officer manhandle a teenage girl so violently.

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In the moments when the officer assaulted the girl she was sitting in her seat, silently not moving and certainly not posing any threat to the officer or other students.

Who cares if she was being disobedient? Who cares if she had a bad attitude?


Why weren't her parents called before law enforcement got involved?

There is absolutely another way the situation could have been handled, however, if you ask the privileged white folks on Twitter, they say otherwise.

Many of them took it upon themselves to offer black people some advice on how to properly behave so that cops won’t assault them. (Yes, my eyes are rolling really hard as I type this).

According to these wise Twitter users, life would be so much easier for black people if they were just taught how to stay out of trouble and “respect” authority. 

It is literally heartbreaking to see these people have no shame expressing such insensitive and cruel feelings toward this situation and this child.

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Furthermore, it is infuriating to see that these people have the audacity to think that being "disobedient" is why blacks are being assaulted and killed left and right at the hands of the same people who are employed to PROTECT them. 

You could not pay me enough money to believe that these people wouldn't have been screaming bloody murder if this had happened to one of their own children. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @GlobalGrind

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