White People Mourning Romney Is The Latest Hit Romney Meme

Mitt Romney is no longer running for president, but he is still inspiring internet memes. The latest, White People Mourning Romney, is exactly what it sounds like: faces of Caucasians disappointed with the election.

Mitt Romney is the gift to internet memes that keeps on giving. The latest to hit the internet is the explosively popular, “White People Mourning Romney.”  WPMR’s creator Jenny Feinberg told International Digital Times,

The morning after the election I was just browsing news coverage online, and couldn't help but notice the handfuls and handfuls of white people mourning Romney's loss. It occurred to me that their central outreach strategy relied on getting out the white vote while suppressing racial minorities and I believe there's something wrong with that.

To me, that is not America.

White People Mourning Romney is the latest in a series of Romney-related memes. Previously, we had "Binders Full of Women," and many variations of the theme of Fired Big Bird. Take note political commentators: White People Mourning Romney has already had 7 million visitors. How many would Feinberg have gotten if she had made all the same points with an op-ed? And an op-ed wouldn’t have been one tenth as enjoyable, unless, of course, you are a White Person Mourning Romney.

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