This Is How A White Woman Responded When She Saw A Black Man Being Harassed By Cops

October 14, 2014: Do you think a black person could ever talk to a police officer like this? Doubtful.

Walking while black -- it's real. Yes, even in 2014.

This video shows how a black man walking through an upscale, predominately white neighborhood can automatically be considered a potential suspect for a violent crime.

Two police officers, in Foxhall Crescent, Washington, D.C., stopped an African-American handyman after receiving a phone call about a burglary in the neighborhood. They also ordered him to sit on the street pavement while they questioned him.

But things took quite an unexpected turn when a resident, Jody Westby, intervened and confronted the law enforcement officials for detaining 64-year-old Dennis Stucky.

The woman, who is reportedly an attorney, criticized the police for harassing the elderly man who had been working in the neighborhood for almost 30 years.

“Just because he’s black, doesn’t mean he’s here to rob a house,” Westby said.

"He's had enough knocks in his life...he doesn't need to be put in jail because some police car can't find the right address."

Later in the video, Westby can be seen taking Stucky's hand, telling officers that she was a lawyer and they had no legitimate reason to detain him. She also asked the officers to leave the neighborhood.

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According to the Washington Post, attorney Jody Westby asked her housekeeper to start filming once she saw officers questioning Stucky.

"Excuse me, what address did you get a call for?" Westby asks officers on the scene, learning that they aren't even in the correct area. "4602," she says. "You're on the 4500 block. That house isn't even in this neighborhood."

Westby is receiving a lot of praise for her actions. She also received a Civic Engagement Award by the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable.

However, there are many people who think the result of intervention would have been a lot different had Westby been a black woman.

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You can watch Westby’s dressing down of the police officers in the video above.

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