White People Can't Own Land In This Country

'They cannot own our soil.' Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe orders white farmers off of their land, once and for all.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe took his racial war to a new low by announcing no white people may own land in the southern African country.

Mugabe will generously allow whites to own apartments and companies in cities, however, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

"We will have no mercy for white people regarding the land, they cannot own our soil," Mugabe told Zimbabweans

This latest policy would complete Mugabe's attack on white Zimbabwean farmers, which began in earnest 14 years ago when his repressive regime began seizing farms from white owners. The confrontations, which often turned violent, helped seal Zimbabwe's troubles as an increasingly impoverished nation, plagued by widespread hunger and an unstable government. 

The land reform program was tauted as a way to balance land ownership after a century of British colonization had left blacks with the worst land to farm. But the "willing seller" approach devolved to violent evictions and turned Zimbabwe from the "breadbasket of Africa" to a nation of food insecurity.

Some white farmers managed to keep their farm operations by leasing land from black owners after the reform program. That incensed Mugabe, who has ruled the country since independence and whose maneuvers are widely seen as moves to consolidate power and divert attention from the country's extensive problems.

"That should never happen. They [whites] were living like kings and queens on our land and we chucked them out. Now we want all of it," Mugabe said

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