9 Quotes From Chirlane McCray, NYC Mayor Elect Bill de Blasio's Wife

So who is Chirlane McCray? Here are 9 quotes from New York City’s new first lady

New York City has a true liberal mayor in Bill de Blasio, and many are intrigued both by de Blasio the person and the policies he will bring to America’s largest city and financial capital. As de Blasio has moved more and more into the spotlight, another figure has begun to receive more attention: Chirlane McCray, de Blasio’s wife. An outspoken activist and writer, McCray is in many ways the more compelling figure.

So who is Chirlane McCray? Here are 9 quotes from New York City’s new first lady:

McCray on her childhood in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, where as one of the only black families in the area, her family faced racist slurs and vandalism on a regular basis:

“I had never had a deep sense of belonging anywhere.”

On taking an active role in her husband, Bill de Blasio’s mayoral campaign:

“We’ve always been partners in the campaigns and any major thing we have taken on.”

On stop and frisk, the controversial tactic employed by the New York City Police Department:

“Right now what they are doing is essentially racial profiling, which is wrong.”

On television:

“The Wire is my all time favorite program.”

On when McCray met Bill de Blasio:

“The chemistry between us was so good. He was funny, he was irreverent, he was smart. And he’s tall and good looking.”

On Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s statement in September that Bill de Blasio was running a “racist” campaign:



On the article Chirlane McCray wrote in 1979 about being a lesbian:

“It was very important to…dispel the myth that there’s no homosexuality within the black population and women are not gay, women can’t gay. This was 33 years ago. The world was a very different place.”

On the coverage of her 1979 article:

“I was amazed that this was considered news.”

On how she chooses not to label herself, but has been labeled many different things:

“Someone described me recently as, ‘I am the rainbow coalition.’ There is some truth to that.”

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