Who Is Paul Anthony Ciancia, The LAX TSA Shooter?

Officials at Los Angeles International Airport have identified the shooter of TSA officials and others as Paul Anthony Ciancia. Who is he?

Paul Anthony Ciancia LAX shooter

Authorities released this image of suspected LAX shooter Paul Anthony Ciancia. (Image Sources:  KCAL 9, Reuters)

Today, a gunman entered Los Angeles International Airport, and opened fire at airport security, targeting members of the Transportation Security Administration.  One TSA agent has been killed in the shooting, and at least seven people are injured, as of press time.  Initially, officials were unable to identify the suspect who was apprehended after being shot multiple times in the chest by LAX security and the Los Angeles Police Department.  Federal officials have since confirmed the shooter as one Paul Anthony Ciancia.  There are few details on the shooter, but here is what we were able to uncover.

Paul Ciancia, age 23, was originally based in Pennsville, New Jersey, a town just across the river from Philadelphia, where he has family.  In recent years Paul Ciancia had been based in Los Angeles as well as New Jersey, holding down addresses in both places.  Sometime prior to the shooting, Ciancia sent a text to one of his siblings, inferring that he was going to commit suicide.  The sibling told their father, who reported it to Pennsville Police.  Police Chief Alan Cummings confirmed the text message shortly after the shooting.

What is known about Paul Ciancia's motive is that he was anti-government, specifically against the TSA, though the reasons for targeting this specific agency remains unknown beyond a written rant against them.  Ciancia was said to have asked if people if they were TSA officials before he opened fire.  Along with a semi-automatic rifle, Ciancia possessed a duffle bag that contained a note saying that he wanted to "kill TSA and pigs," and likely sported body armor.

We will provide you with more details over the weekend as more information becomes available.

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