Why Are White Student Unions Popping Up On University Campuses?

While minorities are trying to combat campus racism, white students are joining forces to keep things just the way they are.

Amid a nationwide battle against campus racism, there has been a development of “White Student Unions” at prominent universities like New York University (NYU), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley).

Just a reminder that this page does not support racialized hate of any kind. This page is about celebrating whiteness,...

Posted by Union of White NYU Students on  Sunday, November 22, 2015

It’s currently unclear if the Facebook groups for these organizations are real or just hoaxes, but the simple fact that anyone would find it humorous to establish such a group and actually take the time to develop a page promoting it is cringe-worthy, whether it's real or not.

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The NYU White Student Union Group’s Facebook criticizes Black Lives Matter, Ahmed Mohamed’s lawsuit for being arrested for his homemade clock, and other publicized instances of racism involving minority groups while offering the “white perspective.”

They also question the term “diversity” deeming it a “discriminatory term against whites.” (WHAT?!)

NYU White Student Union Group’s

UC Berkeley’s group included this passage in one of their posts;

“We unapologetically provide a safe space for white students to air their true feelings about the future of our nation, discuss and reflect on the lessons laid down for us by our great European writers, philosophers, and artists, and develop a positive program to restore the pioneering will and greatness of our unique and virtuous people.”

“We affirm the dignity and ancestry of our proud people who have gifted the world with countless works of beauty, science, and wisdom, and are committed to promoting a dialogue and political resistance that will secure a future for our posterity and spirit.”

While it’s perfectly okay to be proud of European heritage and it's true that no one should be made to feel ashamed of who they are, it’s absurd to try to celebrate a “virtuous” history when it’s very clear, cut and dry that greed, corruption, slavery, misogyny and religious persecution were all very real key factors in the development of this country. And guess who, historically, is always on the receiving end of it all? Minorities!

The main reason minority groups have organizations dedicated to advancing their people is because their communities are STILL battling the residual effects from a history of mistreatment.  

Creating these “White Student Unions” only increases the division, shows insensitivity and totally ignores that fact that white students are already the majority on most U.S. university campuses, therefore, they already have support systems in place at these institutions that minority groups do not.

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What white students should be doing — instead of fueling the fire — is joining forces with their marginalized classmates in solidarity to symbolize progression and to separate themselves from the administrations that are ostracizing its minority students. 

But alas, these students are choosing to perpetuate structural racism ... Our founding fathers would be proud (Because they were racist, you knew that...right?).  

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