Why Does Michele Bachmann Feel The Immigration Reform Is A Conspiracy Against Republicans? (VIDEO)

Republican Michele Bachmann explained on in an interview how amnesty would change the political system while talking about the immigration reform.

She said, “This is President Obama’s number one political agenda item because he knows we will never again have a Republican president, ever, if amnesty goes into effect. We will perpetually have a progressive, liberal president, probably a Democrat, and we will probably see the House of Representatives go into Democrat hands and the Senate will stay in Democrat hands.”

Bachmann hinted that this would create a ‘permanent progressive democrat class’ in the country. “That’s what’s at risk right now. It may sound melodramatic, I don’t mean it that way, but this is that big and that important.”

According to the lawmaker, the whole immigration reform is a big conspiracy against future Republican presidencies. But what Bachmann wasn’t able to recount was the number f deportation, actually record deportations, which occurred under the Obama administration. How can that be a conspiracy?

During the interview, Bachmann also called on support from Americans to stand up against amnesty in order to repay the ancestors who sacrificed much to give them a free country to live in. “We will not successfully pass the torch of liberty if we have perpetual amnesty. It won’t happen. The Republic is at stake,” said Michele Bachmann.

Former Presidential candidate, Bachmann last month announced that she will not run again for Congress, which means at the end of 2014, her run of four terms in Congress will come to an end.

You can watch her immigration conspiracy theory in the video above.

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