Why Don’t We Care About Black Lives As Much As We Do About Lions?

FIRST, let’s preface this by stating: Yes, we can focus on multiple tragedies at once. The conversation over animal abuse and poaching is necessary, and talking about that issue does not, in any way, detract from dialogue about police brutality and institutional racism.

That being said, it’s still worth noting the extent to which people are in solidarity against the American dentist who killed Cecil the Lion. There are few, if any, people jumping in to support hunting for sport, or to make excuses for Walter Palmer. The Internet is ablaze with the injustice of Palmer’s actions.

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There is no such total solidarity when it comes to minority rights. The conversation over racially-motivated police brutality is always fraught with controversy and apologism.

She shouldn’t have resisted. He shouldn’t have stolen the cigarettes. She shouldn’t have looked so threatening. The officer was afraid.

As if any of that justifies execution.

We can’t even say #BlackLivesMatter without someone chiming in to remind us that all lives matter, thank you very much. As if talking about Black lives—the lives that are most actively in peril—in any way suggests that other lives matter less or not at all.


Enter #AllLionsMatter, a satirical take on the common excuses leveled against arguments in favor of Black victims. Twitter users are simply replacing “Black person” with “lion,” and the utter absurdity of those frequent counter-arguments becomes abundantly clear (if they weren't already).

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