The Internet's Overblown Reaction To The Auschwitz Selfie Is Unfair

July 22, 2014: Internet has no business hating on Breanna Mitchell.

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Unless you've been living under a rock with no Internet access, you must be aware of how a teenage girl's smiling selfie at the Auschwitz concentration camp has enraged people and made her the latest target of abuse online.

The Auschwitz concentration camp is, of course, the infamous network of extermination camps in contemporary Poland that the Nazi Germans used during World War II for the mass murder of the Jewish population.

In reaction to the "tasteless" selfie, the girl named Breanna Mitchell has been called stupid, insensitive, anti-Semitic, Holocaust denier and things that if mentioned here would require tons of *!#@*.

Her critics' say that it was disrespectful of her to smile at a place where thousands of people were brutally massacred. Some even advised her to watch "Shindler's List" or read "A Train In Winter" to find out the true extent of Nazi brutalities that Jews had to bear at Auschwitz.

Breanna's small number of supporters, meanwhile, believe she has been unfairly picked on and there are worse things happening in the world right now that don't get as much stick as her selfie did.

Without trivializing this undoubtedly great human tragedy, here are a few reasons that prove why Internet definitely overreacted in this case:

Princess Breanna Is Not a Celebrity And Your Twitter Feed Is Not News

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The online community has a tendency to overanalyze everything and then follow it up with strong views, no matter how meaningless the target of that wrath is. Breanna is simply a young girl who took a selfie to document her visit at a historical site. Why do we have to find a meaning in what could be a meaningless gesture?


Is Taking Selfies At Other Sites Of Human Tragedies Just As Disrespectful?


Innocent people died in the Nanjing Massacre, the Katyn Forest Massacre, the Batang Kali massacre, the My Lai Massacre, Holdomor and the Great Chinese Famine too. Would taking a smiling selfie at sites of those tragedies would incur wrath of this magnitude too?

What about this duck face for the Vietnam Memorial?



What About The Mass Murder Of Gaza?

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Murder of innocent people is what was wrong with Auschwitz. It's funny but those berating Breanna tend to stay silent despite knowing that mass murder similar of innocent civilians is also taking place right now in Gaza. If that isn't important enough for people to speak up for then why does a smiling selfie of girl at a site where people died more than half a century ago draws such a reaction? Perhaps the dead mean more than those dying?


Selfie Freak?

What if the girl in question is just one of the millions of selfie freaks who will take a picture even when making No. 2 and even on their death beds – if they could? Her Twitter DP is also a selfie after all.


Her Own Explanation


According to Breanna, she took the photo after studying the Holocaust for years with her father, who died a year ago. 

"That trip actually meant something to me and I was happy about it," she tweeted, explaining the reasoning behind the smiling selfie.

What makes Internet's nasty creatures to ignore that explanation and create a disrespect angle out of it – we'll never know.

The Internet has basically become a stronghold for people who want nothing more than to vent their suppressed anger. Breanna Mitchell and Kendall Jones are just easy targets.

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