CNN Slammed For Allowing Reporter To Do Her Job-VIDEO


CNN is getting a lot of flak, especially on the Mediaite blog, for exposing one of its reporters to the elements as she reported live along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, which is located smack in the middle of the polar vortex.

Stephanie Elam had to give an hourly report in an area where the wind-chill factor was as low as 44 below.
"Boasting that they had sent a 'California girl' to the depths of the polar vortex on Monday, CNN repeatedly made correspondent Stephanie Elam trudge onto the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis... to report first-hand on the 'historic and life threatening' cold enveloping the central states," Mediaite wrote.

Although Elam didn’t seem too badly off in the video, she did complain of the cold.

However, it doesn’t seem too barbaric of the network to send its reporter out in this cold. After all, other people whose work involves being outdoors are also braving the cold, such as the cameraman.

Surely CNN would not have kept its reporter exposed if there was any danger.

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After all, journalists have been sent to warzones and there hasn’t been any criticism over that, yet.

The polar vortex is a circulation of strong, upper-level winds that normally surround the northern pole in a counterclockwise direction keeping the bitter cold air locked in the Arctic regions.  Sometimes this vortex can become distorted and dip further south, allowing cold air to spill southward. 

Midwest, Southeast and Northeast America is hit by a distorted polar vortex resulting in a rush of cold air and much of the United States has plunged into a deep freeze with record low temperatures in population centers in United States.

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