Why Rand Paul Still Pins US Ambassador Death on Hillary Clinton

It's been nearly three years since U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was killed in Libya. But Senator Rand Paul still holds Hillary Clinton responsible.

In September 2012, U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was killed by a rocket-propelled grenade in Libya. This week, presidential candidate Rand Paul vocalized why his democrat opponent Hillary Clinton was responsible for his death.

"For nine months, leading up to the assassination of the ambassador, they pleaded for help. They asked over and over again: 'We need more help. We're afraid of being overrun.'"


Ambassador Chris Stevens

The Des Moines Register highlighted the fact that Clinton denied a plane request to Benghazi all while approving funding for crystal bar-ware and an electric car-charging station in the Vienna embassy.

Mr. Paul exclaimed that her negligence of duty as Secretary of State is the precise reason she should not be considered for presidency.

Hillary Clinton

Despite Clinton accepting responsibility for the tragedy, this incident should be taken into account when selecting the next leader of the United States. Approving funding for luxury items while neglecting to recognize federal Americans being in danger is just a bad foreign affairs approach.

However, Democratic National Committee spokesperson did make an excellent point:

"After over a dozen hearings, seven investigations, and millions of dollars spent on this investigation, you'd think Senator Paul would be more interested in finding a way to prevent another tragedy like this from happening.”

It would be more valuable to hear how Senator Paul would handle foreign affairs differently as President rather than discrediting his opponents — a tiresome, age-old political approach to presidential races.

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