Why Ted Cruz Won't Win In 2016

Ted Cruz’s hot-off-the-press presidential campaign will win him nothing more than a Fox News contract.

Ted Cruz announces 2016 presidential election campaign

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s hot-off-the-press presidential campaign will surely give him scores of media attention and the American public a few laughs, but a seat in the Oval Office is far from reality.

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With a tweet and a speech to Liberty University students, Cruz officially announced his 2016 presidential run, but the Tea Party favorite does not have what it takes to win and here is exactly why:

Too Far To The Right

Cruz is by far the most extremely conservative politician to ever run for the Republican nomination, and while he may have some die-hard supporters his extreme ideological views are not likely to win him the ticket. The Republican Party tends to nominate moderate candidates, especially when the party has been out of the office for a long time. Also while the hardliner, religious right narrative dominates the Republican Party in the media, the truth is the Republican Party is made up of a vast range of perspectives, and Cruz’s viewpoint only serves a small portion of the spectrum.

Not Enough Party Support

Cruz does not have the elites’ blessing and that will definitely screw him for a nomination. In April 2013 Foreign Policy Magazine labeled Cruz “The Most Hated Man in the Senate.” His unpopularity with officials and pundits almost guarantees this clown won’t make it.

“A candidate without substantial party support has never won the nomination,” said John Zaller, a political-science professor at the University of California, Los Angeles and one of four authors of “The Party Decides.”

The People’s Second Choice

Cruz not only doesn’t have Republican authorities’ support, but he doesn’t bode well with Republican voters either.

In an NBC/WSJ poll last month, 40 percent of Republicans said they could see themselves voting for Cruz while 38 percent said they could not. And to emphasize that narrow margin further, an average of  three live interview national primary preference polls taken over the past month have put Cruz in eighth place with just 5 percent.

So while Cruz's rhetoric may be comedy gold, it just isn't enough to get him even close to the White House — maybe a Fox News contract, though.

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