Wildfire Raging In Australia, At Least 40 Homes Destroyed

An investigation by FESA, police and Western Power determined that a bushfire raqing out of control near Brigadoon started when high winds caused a tree branch to come into contact with electrical transmission infrastructure.

Initial investigations have determined the cause of a blaze in Kelmscott was accidental caused by a person using a grinder.

This morning, FESA chief operations officer Craig Hynes said firefighters were able to contain the Kelmscott fire from getting any bigger overnight, amid dangerous conditions and strong easterly winds up to 75km/h fanning the blaze.

Fires at Red Hill and in Roleystone remain out of control and the greatest concern to authorities. Almost 200 firefighters are battling the Roleystone blaze and crews from as far as Albany recruited to the battle.

Mr Hynes said latest information indicated 41 houses had been razed and 19 were partially damaged. Initial information showed that some homes lost were those of firefighters and police officers, he said.

"That number could increase. We are doing significant surveys at the moment with specialist damage assessment teams here at the Roleystone incident,’’ he said.

"We are very concerned about the safety of the fireground and we are doing our best to make sure that there are no injuries. Life is our priority.’