Window Washer Falls 11 Stories and Survives

In San Francisco a window washer falls 11 stories and lands on top of a car and survives.

A scary and startling sight.

Pedestrians and drivers were stunned on Friday morning when a window washer fell 11 stories and landed on top of a Toyota Camry.

The unidentified man worked for Concord, California-based Century Window Cleaning, is in critical condition. The Camry’s driver Mohammad Alcozai was not injured.

Onlookers said that he was screaming as he fell and he was conscious when he landed. The car’s roof caved in and windshield glass was shattered.  

Window washing is top on the Dangerous Jobs Guide, but with proper training it sees few fatalities.

Here’s are some occupational factoids from the guide.  

Hours / Lifestyle:  High Rise window washers only work in daylight, and work standard hours.

Pay:  Several estimations place the median annual salary of a high rise window washer at around $20K, and an hourly wage of $15 to $25 – depending on the experience of the individual and the complexity of the job.

Here are some other window washing accidents.

Window Cleaner Guy Accident

Window Cleaning Gone Wrong

Again, wishing the window washer a fast recovery. 

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