Juno In Photos: Winter Storm Cripples Life On The East Coast

Juno was bad, but not as bad as weather forecasters had led us to believe.

Blizzard beers in NY

Life in New York City and other parts of the northeast U.S. came to a standstill, thanks to the winter storm Juno – and a good dose of panic that forecasters' now-inaccurate predictions caused.

The blizzard was expected to be of historic proportions, with some going as far as comparing it with the Great Blizzard of 1888. Weather experts had repeatedly warned people during the past few days to be prepared for 1-3 feet of snow. What occurred instead was just a bad snowstorm and nothing as bad as forecasters had predicted.

Heavy snow and winds did hit New York City into New England, with some areas getting battered with up to 2 feet of snow. Manhattan received just one-third of the total snowfall forecasters had predicted, yet it was enough for the city's famous subway system and several other services to shut down. Some flights to NYC were also canceled, although regular service is expected to resume shortly.

In the midst of this weather-related shutdown, several major social networks including Facebook and Instagram went offline too, causing a communication breakdown of about 40 minutes.

Here are some photos from the blizzard that – fortunately – wasn't as dramatic as many predicted:

Winter Storm in nyc

Winter Storm Cripples Life On The East Coast

Winter storm Juno

Aerial View of Winter Storm

Birds Enjoying the Blizzard

People Enjoying the Blizzard

Heavy Snow Continues

After Blizzard Sunset

Winter storm Juno

wine cold in Blizzard of 2015

Winter Storm in NYC

Animal enjoying blizzard

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