Wolf Blitzer Gives Republican Senator A Reality Check (Video)

Release the Wolf! Blitzer stood up to newly sworn in Republican Senator Ted Cruz for his lack of willingness to compromise on the fiscal cliff deal.

Wolf Blitzer gave Republican Senator Ted Cruz a "reality check." Cruz was complaining about the "lousy" fiscal cliff deal, when Wolf blitzed him with a message that Republicans ought to (and won't) listen to.

"Remember, the President was reelected. Harry Reid is the majority leader. You're in the minority in the senate. You have to deal with reality. You can't just be, uh, overly idealistic....You got a divided government, you gotta make concessions, you gotta compromise. If you are just going to come into Washington and say do it my way or the high way, you're not going to get anywhere."

Wolf Blitzer actually could have taken this a step further. That ellipses in the quote is when Ted Cruz interjected to point out that the "same voters who reelected Obama voted for a Republican House." This is true, but about a million more voters voted for a Democratic House, but gerrymandering saved the Republican majority (a recent study said that the Democrats would need to win the popular vote by 7% to take back the House). Still kudos to Blitzer for calling out when calling out was warranted.

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