Woman Births Baby Boy With Uterus Donated By Her Mother

Three generations are united by one womb as an incredible medical breakthrough allowed a woman to give birth using her mother's donated uterus.

Three generations of one Swedish family are connected by the same womb thanks to an innovative procedure that allowed a woman to conceive a baby with her mother’s donated uterus.

The woman, now in her 30’s, lost her own uterus due to cancer in her 20's but she wanted to have her own child. “It can’t be described how happy we are,” she reportedly said in an interview with the Associated Press.

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The doctor behind the revolutionary procedure, Dr. Mats Brannstrom, has contributed to the birth of four baby boys — with a fifth on the way — all from transplanted wombs. He said this particular case is special as it bridges three generations of one family.

Woman Births Baby Boy With Donated Uterus

Brannstrom is not the first to try this procedure, doctors in Saudi Arabia and Turkey attempted it but no live births came from it. Doctors in Britain, France and the U.S. are also planning to try the operation using recently deceased donors.

Brannstrom is a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Sahlgrenska Hospital at the University of Gothenburg and Stockholm IVF. 

He first transplanted wombs into nine women, who were either born without a uterus or lost it to cancer, as part of an experiment. Due to complications, two of the wombs had to be removed.

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The new mother — who asked to keep her and her mother’s identities private — was also apart of the experiment and she recalled back to when she saw her mother being wheeled in for the transplant, “I was crying and told her I loved her and thank you for doing this.”

To pay tribute to the doctor who made it all possible, the new mother and her husband gave their son the middle name Mats.

She plans to one day tell her son how he was conceived so he will know how much his family wanted him and he will know he was a part of an important medical breakthrough. 

Could you imagine if doctors around the world could successfully execute this procedure? Such a fascinating concept...however, not everyone has had positive reactions to it.

Some people have expressed on social media that with all the abandoned children that need adopting, this procedure is selfish and unnecessary. 

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