Woman Died Of Eating Raw Cookie Dough

A bite of raw cookie dough can be dangerous. Linda Rivera and dozens of other people were victims of Nestle’s pre-made Toll House cookie dough, which was found to contain E.coli.

During an FDA hearing on stricter food production regulations this past week Richard Simpson, of Las Vegas shared his mother Linda Rivera’s tragic cookie dough story.

Rivera died in the summer of 2013 after battling serious medical conditions – including brain injury and having her large intestines removed - stemming from eating a few spoonfuls of raw Nestle cookie dough. The cookie dough was later found to contain strains of E.coli, a deadly bacteria.

There were other cookie dough victims too, and Nestle recalled the product.

Simpson and his family settled with Nestle for an undisclosed amount, and Nestle has said in a statement that, “The fact that our product was implicated in Linda Rivera’s 2009 illness and tragic passing was obviously of grave concern to all of us at Nestle. Since then, we have implemented more stringent testing and inspection of raw materials and finished product to ensure the product meets our high quality standards…We continue to emphasize that the cookie dough should be consumed only after baking and not eaten raw."

Lesson learned? Stick with baked cookies. It’s much safer. 

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