$200 Worth Of Cognac Spurs Woman To Do Something Crazy At The Airport

Can’t carry your favorite liquor on a plane? Gulping it down may not be the best solution

Nearly all of us can relate to worrying about airport security and checking lists of items not allowed on a plane before packing.

However, a woman in China seemed to have missed the part that says liquids are not allowed in hand luggage.

As she boarded a connecting flight from Beijing to Wenzhou on Aug. 21, the woman, surnamed Zhao, was stopped by a worker at the security checkpoint after an imported bottle of cognac was found among her possessions.

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Zhao, unsure of what to do and running too late to put the bottle in her checked baggage, decided to gulp down all the Rémy Martin XO Excellence brandy it contained – in one go.

Soon, the effects of intoxication kicked in and Zhao fell to the floor after much yelling and screaming. The police immediately arrived at the scene and, of course, did not let her board the flight, believing that she could be a risk to herself and others on the plane.

The woman was then taken to a convalescence room to be examined by a doctor. It wasn’t until later in the evening when the effects of the cognac wore off and Zhao regained her senses, only to realize what a mess she had landed herself in.

She was subsequently released by the authorities and was eventually received by her family at the Beijing airport.

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