Woman Dies Right After Being Escorted From Hospital In Handcuffs

A Florida woman died after being discharged from a hospital and escorted out in handcuffs despite demanding to stay due to difficulty breathing.

A Florida woman has died from a blood clot in her lungs after what could only be described as some serious malpractice and negligence.

Barbara Dawson, 57, of Tallahassee, Florida collapsed while being escorted in handcuffs from a hospital where she sought treatment for breathing troubles, according to Mashable.

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After she refused to leave when the doctors cleared her to be discharged, Dawson was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing.

The arresting officer took her out in handcuffs despite the fact that the reason she insisted on staying is because she still didn’t feel well.

"The most reasonable thing to do is to let her sit there and be able to settle down until she felt well. Instead, she is forcibly removed and put in cuffs," Tallahassee attorney Daryl Parks reportedly said. "The early facts of this case should cause a great concern for everyone."

According to Blountstown Police Department Chief Mark Mallory, the officer who was escorting Dawson out removed the cuffs as soon as she collapsed and brought her back inside the hospital. The medical staff maintains they did everything they could to save her.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials have been called in to investigate and an autopsy has been conducted with results soon to be released, but now the Calhoun-Liberty County chapter of the NAACP has also gotten involved to get to the bottom of the alarming situation. 

Depending on what the autopsy reveals and additional details about what treatment she received comes to light, it's likely that a lawsuit isn't far behind! 

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