This Woman Was Held In Psych Ward For Insisting Obama Follows Her On Twitter

She was kind of right because Obama does follow her on the social media.


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People sue organizations and businesses for craziest of reasons but this woman’s lawsuit takes the cake.

Kam Brock from Long Island, New York, has filed a complaint against Harlem Hospital for allegedly detaining her in their psych ward for eight days after she claimed that U.S. President Barack Obama follows her on Twitter.

In the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court by her lawyer Michael Lamonsoff, the 32-year-old claims that she was drugged, sedated and closely monitored by the doctors, who believed she was delusional. In fact, they only discharged her after the “truth got out”. Apparently, Obama’s social media account – which is actually managed by the Organizing for Action Staff – does follow Brock along with 644,000 other people.

The whole thing started last year in September when NYPD impounded Brock’s BMW as they suspected her of being high on marijuana. Later, when she went in to retrieve her car, the police handcuffed her and put her in an ambulance for getting “too emotional” – because only insane people act hysterically when the police seize their expensive cars.

“Next thing you know . . . the doctor stuck me with a needle and I was knocked out,” said Brock, explaining the incident. “I woke up to them taking off my underwear and (then passed out again). I woke up the next day in a hospital robe.”

Although the hospital administration has not commented on the lawsuit yet, their objectives prior to Kam Brock’s release make everything quite clear. The doctors assumed her claims so unbelievable, that their statement read: “Patient will verbalize the importance of education for employment and will state that Obama is not following her on Twitter.”

“I told (the doctor) Obama follows me on Twitter to show her the type of person I am,” she admitted. “I’m a good person, a positive person. Obama follows positive people!”

In addition to all the grief that mental facility had put the woman through, they even charged her with a bill of $13,000.

President Obama has not said anything on this matter yet.

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