Woman Lives In Walmart Two Days Before Being Discovered

It's the 2nd time a person has camped out overnight in a Walmart.

This is a strange and sad story. A woman in Michigan was living with her son but he kicked her out because he was fed up with her drinking problem.

Instead of going to a homeless shelter, the 45-year-old woman moved into a 24-hour Walmart for at least two days. 

Employees noticed her on the store's security cameras and asked her to leave. She refused. Police were eventually called to help take care of the situation.

"When I first made contact with her she was sitting in a chair. She actually had her laptop in her lap with headphones in," said Detective Matt Harburn.

Eventually, a relative arrived on the scene and took the woman away. 

It's not the first time this has happened. Last summer, a 14-year-old boy was found living in a Texas store for 4 days. 

The child, who had a history of running away, decided he'd rather live in the store than stay with relatives. While there, he reportedly took ate food, wore clothing and put on diapers so he wouldn't be caught going to the bathroom.


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