Woman Who Shot Up McDonald's Over Missing Bacon Headed To Prison

When Shaneka Torres couldn’t get bacon on her burger despite asking twice, she took her frustration to extremes and open fired.

It isn’t fun for anyone when a server messes up their order. Where some people shrug it off, others are more assertive and demand their order be recreated exactly how they want it. Shaneka Torres however, took “order-rage” to a whole new level when she fired a bullet as a reaction to her burger missing bacon.

On Feb. 9, 2014, Torres placed an order for a burger with bacon at a McDonald’s drive-through station on Madison Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI. But her burger turned up without bacon. Enraged, she took the “Unhappy Meal” to the McDonald’s crew and was offered a free meal. Here comes the twist: The free meal was also devoid of bacon. This infuriated Torres enough to open fire at the restaurant.

Fortunately, no one was injured and Torres was promptly arrested.

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A Kent County Circuit Court in Michigan convicted her and Torres just learned her fate. The judge has sentenced Torres to one-to-five years in prison for the crime of shooting at a building. An additional two years was added to the sentence for possession of firearm during a felony.

Shaneka Torres

Tip for Torres: The prison cooks couldn't care less if your meals aren't to your liking in the slammer.

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