"Southern Lives Matter" Isn't Even The Looniest Chant At SC Flag Rally

Amna Shoaib
Bigots masquerading as people with Southern pride are building momentum to protect the Confederate flag's place. One woman finally had enough.

A young activist in South Carolina managed to do what politicians, talking heads and outraged Americans had only talked about until now: Take down South Carolina's Confederate flag.

Superhuman Bree Newsome scaled the 30-foot flag pole and yanked down the Confederate flag, which continues to flag on government property despite its history of hatred and racism.

Bree Newsome, Confederate Flag, #keepitdown

Newsome was arrested as soon as she landed back on the ground. The flag, unfortunately, was reinstalled.

But just as America wakes up to the fact that the Confederate flag flying atop the Capitol ground in South Carolina is a relic of the racist past that immediately needs to be removed, some of our more bigoted, lesser evolved compatriots decided that we cannot have nice things. And so, our rednecks took a day off from sitting in front of the TV and complaining about immigrants taking all their jobs to be productive in the worst way possible.

These people from South Carolina and Alabama decided to don their worst-fitting clothes, commit a sartorial sin and manage to make themselves look like regressive, backward idiots by holding the Confederate flag and demanding that it be allowed to fly.

Their argument was based on sound, coherent points such as this one.

Please see the photos below to check if your perennially angry, insufferably bigoted uncle who shares racist articles on Facebook was there.

A group of people not particularly known for originality, these racists managed to take from the very movement they were trying to undermine. So #takeitdown became #KeepTheFlagUp (the latter was only really used by those mocking the movement).

And their rallying slogan "Southern Lives Matter" was oddly reminiscent of "Black Lives Matter."

When one young man tried to talk some sense into these people, he got some very educated responses.

But of course, these people, as they will be adamant on proving, are not racists.