Plus-Size Company Flips Fat-Shaming Cards Into Positive Messages

An "Overweight Haters" group has begun harassing random women in crowded places with hurtful fat-shaming cards and a plus-size clothing company has responded perfectly.

UPDATE:  A plus-size journalist and clothing company had the perfect response to the news that women were being handed fat-shaming cards in London. 

Bethany Rutter who runs the blog Arched Eyebrow decided to take the concept behind the fat-shaming card and turn it into an empowering message.

On Monday, she tweeted a plan to print cards saying "You look great today!" and distribute them on the underground tube to plus-size women.

"I love giving and receiving compliments, and a random compliment from a well-intentioned stranger has been known to make my day," Rutter reportedly told Mic. "I heard about this horrendous fat-phobic campaign of hate on the London underground and thought it was the perfect opportunity to get started on this!"

One of Rutter's colleagues happens to be Dan Barker, chief marketing officer for the clothing company Navabi. After seeing all of the action regarding this matter on Twitter, he reached out to Rutter offering to print up the positive cards for her cause.

Navabi also took the "Overweight Haters" internet domain name and made it their own. 

"We set up with our message of positivity," Barker reportedly told Mic. "The site gives people the card templates in case they wanted to print some themselves. We put the site live first thing [Tuesday] morning and it's had thousands of visits."

Take that! Cowardly, hateful "Overweight Haters!"

A hate group is on the rise as members have targeted overweight strangers in public by nonchalantly handing them “fat cards.”

Kara Florish of London was traveling on the underground train when she was handed a business type card that called her a “fat, ugly human.”

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Florish took to Twitter to post a picture of the card and condemn the jerk who casually handed it to her before disappearing.

The first sentence on the card reads, “It’s really not glandular, it’s your gluttony” then the statement, “Our organization hates and resents fat people” follows.

The attack on Florish was not an isolated incident either; novelist Sean Thomas Knox also described a similar situation on Twitter during which he witnessed a man hand one of those same cards to a woman who cried immediately after reading it. 

Authorities are aware of the recurring incidents and are seeking more information from the public.

How disgusting of a person do you have to be to do something so rude and crass?

People are all entitled to their own opinions, even if they're intolerant and bigoted but that doesn't give them the right to attack others with hate.  

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Banner Photo Credit: Facebook/Kara Florish

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