Woman's Life Changes After Looking At Her Bank Account

This woman was “terrified” after discovering the mysterious $10 million in her bank account.

sue lamb

What would you do if you mysteriously ended up with $10 million in your bank account?

Whatever your plans might be, they would most certainly not be as “stressful” as Australian Sue Lamb, who did discover a huge amount of unexplained money in her bank account.

The 49-year-old used her ATM card to withdraw $100 from her ANZ bank account on Saturday, but was shocked to find out that her available balance had somehow skyrocketed to $9,990,420.94.

Lamb called bank’s customer service to inform them about the mistake they have made, but the bank insisted that the money belonged to her. Upon her repetitive claims of not owning the obnoxious amount, the bank agent directed her to contact them on a working day.

The Labrador woman just wanted the bank to take back the extra credit because she was scared that someone might “kidnap and kill” her for the money that wasn’t even hers.

However, when she didn’t hear back from the bank on Monday and decided to re-check her account, she was in for another surprise.

The $10 million was gone, but she was now in $7,500 debt.

Lamb claims that the debt isn’t hers and is furious with the bank management for putting her through so much grief. She says that there should only be a $900 debt on her card.

“I am really annoyed now because I haven’t even heard from them yet. The bank have just left me with a massive debt and won’t pick up my calls,” she exclaimed. “It is disgusting that they can treat people like this.”

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