Woman Demands $10 Million For JFK Assassination Footage

A lady whose grandfather filmed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is suing the U.S. government for the return of the footage.

JFK Assassination Footage

Just in time for John F. Kennedy’s 52nd death anniversary, Gayle Nix Jackson has filed a lawsuit and demanded $10 million from the U.S. government as compensation for the footage shot by her grandfather that captured the late president’s assassination.

The film shot by Orville Nix in November 1963 was sold to United Press International for $5,000 the same year and later passed on to the U.S. government for investigations of the assassination. However, the deal  stated that the film would be returned to Nix 25 years later.

This year, Nix Jackson got the shock of her life when the National Archives and Records Administration informed her that they did not possess the film.

Nix Jackson told the Associated Press it was incomprehensible authorities would lose "an important piece of historical evidence."

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"I can understand little clerical issues. I don't understand the loss of evidence like this," she said.

Nix Jackson, who wrote a book about the film, has been trying to get her hands on the original footage for years. She believes that it could help determine whether or not there was a second gunman involved. It is not clear where the original footage might really be, but Nix Jackson is understandably upset about it being misplaced.

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