Cop Uses An iPhone App To Rescue A Woman From Certain Death

Here’s how an iPhone saved a woman from dying a horrible death. The cop is pretty cool, too.

Trapped inside a 500-foot-deep ravine and hidden from public view following a car accident, a California woman was located and rescued, thanks to the "Find My iPhone" app installed on her iPad.

Melissa Vasquez, 28, lost control of her car and tumbled to the bottom of a deep chasm while driving in San Jose, California, on Monday afternoon. Her family alerted the local police at around 3 a.m. on Tuesday, but they couldn't do much as there was no trace of her or her Chevrolet Cruze. Even the OnStar GPS system couldn't locate the vehicle as it apparently doesn't work below the normal surface level.

When all attempts to find Vasquez went futile, Campbell Police Officer Dave Cameron took an alternative approach to aiding his investigation. He asked Vasquez's family for her iPad, successfully guessed her password by using his knowledge of common password choices, and then used the device's Find My iPhone feature to pinpoint Vasquez's phone, which was with her in the car.

Cameron – who is admittedly a tech geek – then relayed the information to on-field rescuers, who took a mere 20 minutes to finally spot the missing person. A couple of hours later, Vasquez was airlifted via a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter to a local hospital, where she is recovering from the ordeal.

Smartphone technology is often berated by Luddites who feel they're a waste of time and money. However, it is instances like this that proves that the fault doesn't lie with the technology itself but the way our generation uses it.

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